Interactive place-based experiences to connect like-minded people

Spacy is a place-based social media service that allows you to conveniently connect and communicate with people based on cultural events you are interested in.

Explore Your Interests Boundaryless

Spacy is a place-based social media service that allows you to conveniently connect and communicate with people based on events or travel destinations you are interested in. Spacy is an immersive and inclusive platform helping people socialize based on common interests and breaking down culture and language barriers through the power of technology. Spacy links event organizers, event attendees, and remote audiences to share the same engaging and unique experience.

What We Offer

Event Networking

The mapped virtual space allows you to search for various cultural events and filter out exciting events to create meaningful social networks and experiences with people who share interests.

Marketing Medium

Spacy is an effective marketing medium for all the users to promote various events such as small publishing gatherings, art exhibitions, local sports, cultural and festive events.

Real-Time Engagement

With Spacy, you can enjoy real-time events worldwide and share the same experiences as attending in person. Spacy allows you to pursue adventures and fulfill your wanderlust.

Spacy Metaverse

Spacy Metaverse is a collective virtual shared space powered by virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to provide immersive user experiences.

Why Choose Us?

Spacy is a humanistic network-oriented platform with an intent to implement inspiring technology. Spacy is an innovative social media platform with the following distinguished features:

Cyber ticketing

A ticketing solution that is easily accessible at lower costs and provides options for scalability.

Chat Room

Chat room connects people on-site with those who are not on the scene, and helps users to grow their network with place-based interactions.

Remote Participation

Remote viewing of events and exhibitions in real-time, with smart cast and 360-degree viewing options.

P2P Communication

Spacy builds a P2P communication system that allows users to purchase content from other users based on similar interests.

Meet our team

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